Memphis Flyer: Super Bowl

As a child, Zach Nicholson built elaborate structures with paper and tape.

“I think I tried to attempt a cathedral, but I don’t remember which one it was,” said Nicholson, 31 “It was impossible, essentially. Two, three feet tall. Which seemed to be incredible. I was probably seven or eight years old.”

When he turned 11, paper and tape gave way to flour, milk, sugar and eggs. Nicholson looked for the “most incredible” cake in his mother’s Good Housekeeping cookbook. “I would always try to make this Black Forest cherry thing. It’s a chocolate cake with multiple layers and with cream, cherries and stuff. My sisters helped me a little bit. We would curve the cake layers and make sure it was all aligned perfectly. That probably set the foundation for future technical skills.”
— Michael Donahue, Memphis Flyer